After a long break from Planetcide, and my game writing in general I have returned full force to conquer the stars once again! Having aqquired some Spaceship molds from a Germany manufacturer of molds called "Troll Factory" I am going full light-speed into the second wave of Planet-killing. These molds produce rather dinky little "Raumschiff" which are practically perfect for Planetcide. A new basing standard is also being adopted, the 8cm x 8cm Octagon which is both easy to snip from stiff cardboard, and will also 3d print nicely for those so inclined. The Picture in this post demonstrates this new standard of Basing for Planetcide. It also means if you are using the official Punkin' Figs ships from regular scaled Ortus Novae: Space then you can simply use the octagon as a movement tray for 2 or 3 of them making them compatible in both games!  These particular bases were originally going to be just black, but I pasted a bit of printed paper with a space patte

Perhaps, I misjudged you. Proceed... on your way to oblivion.

 Here are the Decepticons led by the evil chaos bringer himself; Unicron. They have four fleets of vanguard class ships and a couple of Trypticon's extended family to back them up. All models seen here were designed and printed by me.

Witness the firepower of this fully operational battle station!

Here we have the Galactic Empire. Two Super Star Destroyers accompany four Fleets as they defend the second Death Star. Models for the ships were designed and printed by me. The Death Star is a Bandai Model mounted on a piece of PSC Ultracast plastic drilled into a 32mm Base.

Planetcide Core Rules (An Ortus Novae Fan Expansion)

 Planetcide is a fan made expansion for Punkinfig's Ortus Novae set of rules with a few modifications. I have found Ortus Novae not only to be brilliant as a lightning fast mass battle standalone game but also perfect for expanding upon.  The game is built upon Ortus Novae rather than Ortus Novae space so keep this in mind when reading the rules! Fleets: These are represented by at least 2 ships on one stand, the stand base should not exceed 40mm. Their Die Scale can be anywhere from d4 to d8. Their speed however is not dictated by the Die Scale and is instead a flat 7 Inches.  Megaships: These are represented by a single ship on one stand (not exceeding 50mm) These are for things like armoured space stations and "Super" space battleships. Their Die Scale can be anywhere from d4 to d10 and like with Fleets their speed is a flat 7 inches. Megaships also roll two of their Die Scale dice instead of one and pick the highest result. If Fleets or Megaships move within 1 inch of